Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Burp Cloths - Burpee Pattern

Need a cute Baby Shower Gift?  Having a new baby?  Make these cute Burp Cloths!  They are so nice and soft for burping baby and easy to make!

Supplies to make 2 Rag Burp Cloths:
Fabric #1 - ¼ Yard of a cute patterned flannel fabric
Fabric #2 - ¼ Yard of Minky or a coordinating flannel fabric
Fabric #3 - ¼ Yard of White Flannel (for the middle layer) You can use a colored flannel for the middle layer if you wish.
Rotary Cutter
Fabric Ruler
Cutting Mat
Sharp Scissors or Quilt Snips

Cut 4, 9” squares of Fabric #1
Cut 4, 9” squares of Fabric #2
Cut 4, 9” squares of Fabric #3

To make your first Burp Cloth, make a sandwich with 2 pieces of patterned fabric (#1) and one piece of Flannel (fabric #3). Put the white flannel square in the middle of the two patterned pieces. Make sure the good sides are showing on each side. Then do the same with fabric #2. The picture below shows the layering. Pin in place.

Sew diagonally from the top point to the bottom point on each side of the fabric squares. So you will have a big X across each square.

Next take ONE of the squares and cut it exactly in half. This will give you two rectangles.

Now take the rectangles and place them on top of you uncut square, and pin in place. Sew the right edge with a ½” seam line. Then turn and sew the left edge. With a 1/2” seam line. (do not sew the top and bottom edges)

Open the cloth it will be flat on the back side and will show both seams on the front side. Sew a ¾” around the outside edge, this will lock the seams. Don't worry if your edges are not perfect, you can even them out later.

Next take your sharp scissors or quilt snips and snip next to the area where the seam is sewn down, snip on each side to free up the seams, then snip the seams 1/8” to ¼” apart all the way across being careful not to cut through your sewing, this creates the ragging effect. Next snip the entire outside edge. If you accidentally cut through your seam line just sew back over it.

Complete the other burp cloth in the same manner. Before you use your cloths wash them in warm soapy water with some fabric softener, this makes the fraying, ragging effect. Tumble Dry.

When you remove your burp cloths from the dryer they may have lots of loose and tangled threads. Just trim the loose threads away and trim any uneven edges. Your burp cloths are now ready to use.

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  1. I am wanting to make some baby gifts this week - I might actually make a burp cloth now that I have saw your post! Your newest follower, Karima