Monday, July 25, 2011

Puppy Dog Problems

I have a Dog, his name is Bruiser.  Bruiser likes to mark on all my nice things. Anything carpeted is a big draw. I tried letting him out of the house more often, scolding him and even neutering him.  Nothing worked.  I decided I had to confine him in the kitchen area where we have no carpet for him to pee on.  But its sad for him to be separated from us and so, I began my search for a device, spray or alarm, anything to stop him from marking.  I searched the Internet for anything that might help.  I found a site selling a ace bandage type thing that you wrap around your dog to keep him from marking.  I thought that might work for us so I bought a couple.  And they did kinda work.  The problem was I was forced to wrap a long piece of material around and around and around my wiggly dog and then try to secure the thing.  I figured there must be a better way.  I experimented with a few materials and came up with my WeeWrap.  The WeeWrap is made with absorbent fleece on the inside and cute cotton material on the outside. I use Velcro to secure the ends and suggest the use of a feminine pad for dogs who still try to pee with the wrap on.  I also embroider the wrap with the dogs name. I make them in several sizes to fit almost any dog.  Everyone really likes them.  Here is little Bruiser wearing his WeeWrap.  Now he can join us in the living room and I don't have to worry about a mess to clean up.
Bruiser doesn't like to model very well so I bought Porkchop to help out!  He truly is the perfect dog.

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  1. What a cool idea! I saw these in your shop and wondered what they were (I was there to look at the quilts for the giveaway at One House Schoolroom). But now I know! Awesome!