Monday, June 6, 2011

Too Many Quilts

After I got started making quilts I found it hard to stop.  I was on the internet looking a fabrics all the time.  I became familiar with some of the the names of the most popular fabric designers.  Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Michael Miller, Heather Ross and Riley Blake are some of my favorites.  I made several rag quilts with their fabrics and some rag style burp cloths. The burp cloths were great, so much nicer than a ratty old diaper.  My daughter really liked them too.  I'll post instructions in a later blog.
But how many quilts can you make and give to one grandchild?   I realized that I had made more quilts then my new grandchild would ever be able to use.  I still gave her 5 or 6 then started giving them away to friends with babies.  Still I wanted to make more quilts!  I went back to Etsy and found allot of people selling quilts.  I wondered if maybe someone might want to buy my quilts, well it was worth a try.  Etsy doesn't change anything to set up an account, there is a small .20 cent listing fee for each item.  And a fee if the item sells. It was easy to set up.  I added a PayPal account to make collecting money simple and I was off!  I put listings up for several quilts and waited.......I experimented with lowering my prices, raising my prices and taking different photos.  By the way quilts are quite challenging to photograph.  I think I only had 5 or 6 items for sale at the start.  I kept waiting and still no sales. Finally after about a month I sold a quilt.  Hum, I don't think selling one quilt a month is going to make me much money.  So, I decided to make some burp cloths and try to sell them, not much success with that idea either.  I thought maybe a larger selection of quilts and other items would help, but that didn't seem to do the trick. I experimented with several hand sewn items, still no increase in sales.  Then one day I saw an article about selling on Etsy.  I think it was a Etsy Success article.  The woman wrote that she had very little success selling her pillow case dresses but lots of success selling a diy pillow case dress kit.  I thought that might work for me. I know many of the people who are interested in Etsy shopping are interested in making things themselves.   I decided to make a Rag Quilt Kit to sell online. It took me some time to figure out how much fabric, what size squares and what to charge in order to make a small profit, but I immediately started selling several kits a month.  And I love reading the comments that I get from people who buy my kits.  I still make and sell quilts on my site but the majority of what I sell now is quilt kits.  After a few months of selling kits I decided to buy an embroidery machine.  I thought it might increase my sale if I could personalize the quilt kit for my customers.  I offer free embroidery with each kit.  Everyone really likes the embroidery and it makes such a nice personal gift.

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