Thursday, May 19, 2011

On The Way to Opening an Etsy Shop

So, here I am writing a blog about my Etsy shop.  Everywhere I look for help on running my shop I see "start a blog", "bring more people to your Etsy shop with a blog".  The problem is what exactly to blog about.  Does anybody really care to know about my day to day Etsy life? 
So, here goes.  I opened this Etsy shop about 11 months ago,  The news that I had a grand daughter on the way sent me into overdrive making quilts for her.  I hadn't really ever been much of a sewer but once I started looking around the internet at all the beautiful new fabrics that were available I was hooked.
I remember the day I found a lovely quilt on Etsy, it was made with Heather Baily Fabrics and I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  I just had to have it!  But, yikes it was over $100.  I looked at it carefully and thought maybe I could make it myself and in that instant my obsession with quilt making was born.
Even to this day I wouldn't call myself an advanced or even intermediate quilter.  I make simple quilts with fabrics that make me happy to look at.  Thats really what it is all about,  just looking at the fabrics, how they look next to each other, how the final act of quilting the materials makes a plain piece of fabric come alive. It just makes me happy.

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  1. I understand getting hooked on fabrics. I made my first quilt for my granddaughter. It was a rag quilt. And then as you say I started finding all these wonderful fabrics. And as they say "The rest is history". I have been thinking about an etsy shop, but haven't taken that step yet.

    Good luck.
    I am going to follow your blog.