Sunday, May 22, 2011

Framed Block Quilt - Part 4 Binding

I finished my quilt top and realized that I didn't one big enough piece of material for the backing on the quilt.  Yikes!  I had lots of extra fabric but nothing big enough.  I ended up deciding to sew several strips together to make a large piece.  Here is a photo of the completed back side of my quilt.

Since I was making this quilt for my 1st,  soon to be born grand daughter I wanted it to be extra special.  I had saved the lace fabric from the original bassinet that my mother-in-law had made for me when I gave birth to my first child.  Since she was now having her first child and my mother-in-law had passed away I thought it would be nice to incorporate some of that fabric into this quilt.  If you look at the front side of the quilt you will see how I used that white lace fabric to frame the quilt.
Finally I used my newly acquired free motion quilting technique fairly well.  Then I was ready to sew on the binding.  I had never binded a quilt before so I turned to another Google search and accidentally found a website called "Missouri Star Quilt Shop" Here is a link to their  tutorials  They have a tutorial called "Binding your Quilt - Tips and Tricks Series.  I used their technique on that quilt and have used on all my quilts that require binding.  They have lots of great tutorials on their website.  I highly recommend it! 
And then I was done, Wow!  I looked at the finished quilt and thought it looked pretty good. I was happy to be finished. I thought I would be happy to put my sewing machine away and move on to other things.  But, I found that I still had a desire to make another quilt.  Maybe a different kind of quilt.  I had allot of leftover fabric and I had discovered so many wonderful fabrics available on the Internet that were not available from the fabric store in my area.  I found myself searching the Internet for photos of quilts and quilt patterns searching out the ones that I thought might be easy enough for me to try to make. 
I finally decided on trying out a rag quilt pattern.  More on the rag quilt on a later blog.
In the many months since I made this quilt I have made many many more quilts, different kinds, some are really pretty and turned out quite well, others just ok.  But I have made several more quilts in this Framed Block pattern and it still remains one of my favorite patterns.  So much so that I have put together a pattern with photos showing how to make this pattern.  On my next blog I will post that pattern with the photos.

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